Pat is regularly asked to speak about, or appear as an expert on TV programs covering, the following topics:


Wildlife Biology, Biotechnology, and Cryptozoology

Pat has a lifetime of experience working with every type of wild animal, a degree in marine biology, 17 years experience at mutli-billion dollar biotech companies, and over a decade seeking out mysterious creatures not yet accepted by mainstream science.  Pat designed and implemented a training system called “Best in the Industry” by FDA, Health Canada, and at numerous international conferences and as a Director of Quality Systems has worked to design and implement a new QMS.

Experiences in TV and filming in the field

Ever wondered what it was really like to be on location with National Geographic? BBC?  Travel Channel?  What about living with remote tribes in the far reaches of the world?  Pat wrote a book about it and would be happy to share with your audience!  Need a motivational speaker?  A speaker to help you direct your passions towards a life change?  Pat is the guy!  Maybe you just want to know what it's like to be an initiated member of the Satere Made Tribe?  Again - Pat is your guy!

Cancer Advocacy and personal stories

Pat was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at age 30.  After 2 months in the hospital, over a dozen surgeries, and a year of treatments and therapies – he realized he needed to turn the experience into something positive and started speaking publicly about it.  It’s raw, darkly funny, and honest.  



  • Key-note speaker at NASA Ames’ “Directors Forum”

  • Key-note speaker at London’s Royal Geographical Society

  • Key-note speaker at multiple international Bio / Pharma GMP training conventions

  • Key-note speaker at two Indian Institute of Technology annual Conferences (Kanpur and Guwahati India)

  • Key-note speaker at “Creature Weekend” and "IMCZ" annual cryptozoology conferences

  • Key-note speaker at the American Cancer Society’s National Lobby Day in Washington DC 

  • Key-note speaker at the Cancer Action Network’s annual research meeting

  • American Society of Colorectal Surgeons annual Hero Award recipient  and speaker at conference

  • Speaker at “Stupid Cancer” national event

  • Speaker at International Microbiology conference (PDA)